Character Creation

Step 1. Concept. What do you want to play? This can be as vague or specific as you wish. Identify what you wish to roleplay to narrow your options and make it easier to build a character you will enjoy.

Step 2. Choose a background. You are limited to General backgrounds or Eberron specific backgrounds. Click here for more information. If you wish you may write your own subject to DM approval. Please look over the existing ones for inspiration.

Step 3. Determine which side your character served on during the Last War. Consult with the other players and decide with which military unit if any you served. Click here for a list of military units by nation.

Step 4. Determine if you served in a unit with one or more player characters during the Last War. If so you and those players may select a Military Bonus feat all of your characters. Each character recieves the same bonus feat as the others. The Military Bonus feats are here.
If you didn’t serve with any other player characters, you don’t gain any bonus or penalty.

Step 5. Build your character. You do this by hand or with the aid of a character builder. If feel overwhelmed by those options you may instead chose to play a pregen. Two will be provided here, Sarda Talltree and Sarge, but please take the time to copy their stats to a character sheet.

Character Creation

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