Eberron Backgrounds

Choose a background from those below. You may have multiple backgrounds but only gain the benefit from one. You may gain either training in one of the associated skills, a +2 bonus to one of the associated skills, or a special benefit if one is listed and you meet the conditions required.

Associated Skills: Endurance or Nature
Special: If you attended the Arcane Congress, and have an Intelligence of 13+ you gain one wizard cantrip as a daily power.

Associated Skills: Bluff or Insight
Special: If you are from Sharn, and have a Wisdom of 13+ you can make Streetwise checks in half the normal time.

Associated Skills: History or Streetwise
Special: If you were a landed aristocrat from Cyre, and have a Charisma of 13+ you gain one extra healing surge.

Associated Skills: Athletics or Intimidate
Special: If you served in the Order of the Emerald Claw before its disbanding, and have Religion as a class skill (whether trained or not) you gain a +4 bonus to monster knowledge checks regarding Undead.

Associated Skill: Religion
Special: If you are lay member of the Church of the Silver Flame, and have a Constitution of 13+ you can use Holy Symbol implements.

Commissioned Officer: You held rank in one of the various military’s involved in the Last War, and you directed solders in the thick of combat. Did you resign your commission? Were you discharged from the army? In either case, why?
Associated Skills: Insight or Intimidate
Special: You may begin the game with a warhorse in addition to your other equipment.

Enlisted Officer: You served on the front lines of the Last War, should to shoulder with dozens, even hundreds of others. For years, all you know were the long agonizing days of waiting, followed by minutes of hours of swinging a blade or slinging a spell at your foes, trying to kill them before they killed you. Are you haunted by any of things you did to survive the war? Do you bear a grudge against your superiors or your old enemies?
Associated Skills: Athletics or Endurance

Inquisitive: For you, adventuring isn’t about great wealth or fighting monstrous evils, its about discovering the truth. About protecting society from corruption and conspiracy. You could be a city guard, a House Deneith Marshal, or just a concerned citizen; your goal is to solve crimes and protect the innocent.
Associated Skills: Insight or Streetwise
Special: You may begin the game with an Inquisitive’s Kit in addition to your other equipment.

Eberron Backgrounds

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